Greenacre, NSW
  • Hazardous building materials assessment
  • Soil and groundwater contamination assessment.

Project challenges

The assessments were completed during normal working hours within an active scrap metal and recycling yard. The site comprised three structures of similar ages and in similar states of disrepair, with large quantities of materials stored against the building fabrics, across floor space and within rooms, hindering access to some areas. Two of the buildings were warehouse style, which meant there were height restrictions when accessing some building materials.

Our solutions

JKE proposed a combined assessment to maximise the utilisation of personnel. Samples of suspected hazardous building materials, including asbestos and lead, were obtained from the accessible building fabrics. Where access limitations restricted sample collection, assumptions were made based on professional experience and additional site knowledge gained from the contamination assessment.

JKE prepared a hazardous building materials assessment report, which included a hazardous building materials register, with photographs for future identification of hazardous building materials. As the survey was undertaken in conjunction with the contamination assessment, information was able to be shared, which resulted in reporting efficiencies and added value to both assessments.