South Sydney, NSW

Environmental investigations including:

  • Soil, groundwater and soil vapour sampling
  • Hazardous ground gas monitoring.

Project challenges

The original development proposal was for a new synthetic playing field. A review found the existing field and surrounding area had previously been a freshwater swamp and then a municipal landfill between approximately 1970-1991. Subsequent investigations and development of the conceptual site model found the landfill extended beneath the existing clubhouse building adjacent to the site.

Our solutions

Prior to the installation of hazardous ground gas protection measures beneath the new synthetic playing pitch, JKE undertook a number of rounds of landfill gas monitoring to assess the potential for hazardous ground gas and volatile organic compounds to migrate into the clubhouse building. Concentrations of methane were identified in confined spaces within the building and associated subsurface service pits. We prepared an interim site management plan, which provided a number of protocols and controls to reduce the risks. JKE obtained further data, prepared an iteration of the conceptual site model and worked with the stakeholders to develop and facilitate the installation of a passive air vent system in the clubhouse.